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Emirates announces aircraft upgrades
and more A380 resumptions.
119 membercountries
Dubai wins bid
to host ICOM General conference 2025.
developing the government
Dubai Economy, Dubai Tourism merge
to become ‘Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism.
38 cities applied
Vilnius ranked 3rd
at the annual European Capital of Innovation Awards.
IBTM World
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Booking Holdings Enters Into An Agreement
With CVC Capital Partners To Acquire Etraveli Group.
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Union of International Associations
releases Survey on International Meetings Issues - 2021 Report.
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GBTA Convention 2021
Sets The Pace For Business Travel’s Return.
17–20 July
Kigali, Rwanda to host Women Deliver 2023
WD2023 will be the world’s largest conference on gender equality in the 21st century.
Canary Islands Hosts 6th Edition of the Repeople Conference, Europe’s Largest Remote Work Conference
The only event in Europe addressing remote work from a wide perspective.
Germany Maintains Top Nation Brand Ranking, Canada and Japan Overtake the UK to Round Out the Top Three

2021 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index: Canada and Japan overtake the UK to round out the top three; US sees reputational gains from 2020.

2021 is marked by overall more positive perceptions, and some top-10 NBI nations are benefiting from the movement, as the softening of Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI) scores across all countries witnessed in 2020 is reversed. Germany retains its top position in the 2021 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index(NBI) for the fifth year in a row, but there have been some gains and losses among the top-10 rankings:

  • Italy’s ranking jumps from sixth to fourth, and the United States advances from 10th to eighth.
  • The United Kingdom, which was ranked in second place last year, drops to fifth; France, Sweden, and Australia all drop one spot.

Germany preserves its top ranking in overall NBI

Germany ranks in first place out of 60 countries on the Nation Brands Index, for the seventh time overall and fifth year in a row. Germany is the highest ranked NBI nation in 2008, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. With another first place ranking this year, Germany has now tied the United States’ record of seven years as the top NBI nation. Germany’s reputational strengths lie on the Exports, Immigration and Investment, Governance, and Culture categories. Global respondents feel particularly positive about buying German products, the appeal of investing in German businesses, the employability of German people, the German government’s work to fight poverty, and exceling in sports, placing Germany in the top-two in all five categories in 2021.

Canada’s top marks on governance, people, and immigration and investment

For the past couple of years, Canada has rounded out the top three, landing in third place. NBI 2021 is the first time that Canada has moved up to second place. First place rankings on the Governance, People, and Immigration and Investment indices, as well as relatively steady rankings on Exports, Tourism, and Culture contributed to Canada’s record ranking in 2021.

The United Kingdom’s ranking declines

The United Kingdom’s reputation remains positive overall, even though its ranking fell from second to fifth in 2021. The United Kingdom’s reputational strengths are on Exports, Culture, and Immigration and Investment – largely driven by positive perceptions of the UK’s contributions to science and technology, its sports and contemporary culture, and strong educational qualifications. Conversely, the United Kingdom’s relative reputation weaknesses are on People and Governance – notably on the perceptions of the welcoming nature of its people and protecting the environment.

The United States reputation slowly recovers

The United States had one of the most notable declines on overall NBI in 2020, dropping from sixth in 2019 to 10th. Its fall was triggered by sharp decreases on Governance, Tourism, and Immigration and Investment. A year later, despite the pandemic still being very much prevalent in the US, a wide political divide in society, and persistent vaccine hesitancy, the United States reputation has begun to rebound and improved on each of these categories.

Japan and Italy climb in ranking

Japan and Italy are two nations in the top 10 with noteworthy improvements on the overall NBI rank. Japan makes its debut in the top three for the first time since 2018 and has climbed from fourth in 2020 to third this year with positive perceptions on Exports, Tourism, Culture, and People. Italy advances from sixth to fourth place with strong opinions on its Culture, Tourism, and People.

Desire to visit increases

The overall intensity in desire to visit countries around the world – if money was no object – has grown over time. A longitudinal analysis of 50 Nation Brands Index (NBI) countries between 2015 and 2020, and 60 measured nations in 2021, demonstrates how desire to travel declined between 2015-2016, increased between 2016-2018, only to decline again between 2018-2020. However, in 2021, levels of desire to visit have increased to its highest point.

All 60 NBI nations scores and rankings

For the first time in Nation Brands Index history, the full list of nations rankings and scores is published to provide sufficient context for potential movement with the addition of 10 new countries. The global sample size has expanded from 20,000 interviews per year to 60,000 interviews per year. Within each panel country, this corresponds to an increased sample from 1,000 interviews to 3,000 interviews. The number of measured nations has also expanded, with 60 nations being measured in 2021, up from 50 in previous years. Even with these improvements, we retained methodological consistency with previous years to allow for consistent trending capabilities, new opportunities for comparative assessments, and depth of analysis.


Image: Berlin, Germany. Photo: Christian Lue/Unsplash

How did your country rank?

2021 Rank NBI and score:

  1. Germany 71.06
  2. Canada 70.64
  3. Japan 70.52
  4. Italy 70.23
  5. United Kingdom 70.08
  6. France 70.00
  7. Switzerland 69.76
  8. United States 69.67
  9. Sweden 69.04
  10. Australia 68.55
  11. Spain 67.87
  12. Norway 67.50
  13. Netherlands 66.61
  14. New Zealand 66.58
  15. Finland 66.15
  16. Austria 66.11
  17. Scotland 65.79
  18. Belgium 64.85
  19. Ireland 64.79
  20. Iceland 63.92
  21. Greece 63.88
  22. Wales 62.50
  23. South Korea 61.50
  24. Northern Ireland 61.27
  25. Singapore 60.82
  26. Poland 59.50
  27. Russia 59.06
  28. Brazil 58.88
  29. Argentina 58.84
  30. Czech Republic 58.72
  31. China 57.93
  32. Hungary 57.79
  33. Taiwan 57.78
  34. Thailand 57.46
  35. Mexico 57.45
  36. Egypt 56.88
  37. Slovakia 56.83
  38. Turkey 56.38
  39. Chile 55.90
  40. India 55.57
  41. Peru 55.57
  42. Morocco 55.13
  43. Indonesia 54.87
  44. South Africa 54.84
  45. United Arab Emirates 54.77
  46. Latvia 54.77
  47. Israel 54.11
  48. Ukraine 54.00
  49. Dominican Republic 53.82
  50. Qatar 53.52
  51. Panama 53.17
  52. Colombia 52.91
  53. Ecuador 52.83
  54. Mongolia 52.23
  55. Saudi Arabia 51.74
  56. Kenya 51.52
  57. Tanzania 50.99
  58. Botswana 49.86
  59. Nigeria 48.23
  60. Palestine 46.73