111 Boing 777 and A380s
Emirates announces aircraft upgrades
and more A380 resumptions.
119 membercountries
Dubai wins bid
to host ICOM General conference 2025.
developing the government
Dubai Economy, Dubai Tourism merge
to become ‘Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism.
38 cities applied
Vilnius ranked 3rd
at the annual European Capital of Innovation Awards.
IBTM World
Event technology
trends to increase engagement and ROI.
big business
Booking Holdings Enters Into An Agreement
With CVC Capital Partners To Acquire Etraveli Group.
Focus on Impact
Union of International Associations
releases Survey on International Meetings Issues - 2021 Report.
9,000-plus members
GBTA Convention 2021
Sets The Pace For Business Travel’s Return.
17–20 July
Kigali, Rwanda to host Women Deliver 2023
WD2023 will be the world’s largest conference on gender equality in the 21st century.
Canary Islands Hosts 6th Edition of the Repeople Conference, Europe’s Largest Remote Work Conference
The only event in Europe addressing remote work from a wide perspective.
The ACF – Audite, Cogitare, Facite Promises to Listen, Think and Do

Bratislava, Slovakia gave birth to a newly created Thought Leadership Hub for the European Business Events Industry. The association ACF – Audite, Cogitare, Facite aspires to advise and support public entities, private organizations and entire destinations to reach their full potential using business events as a powerful tool for economic growth.

The idea of creating a platform for Business Events Industry development came with the recently disclosed plans for Bratislava to get a brand-new 2000-plus-seat dedicated convention centre. Slovak capital is currently looking forward to the re-birth of Business Events after pandemic with expectations high towards the new infrastructure being not only announced but seriously planned and constructed in upcoming years.

“As passionate Business Events Industry professionals, we see huge potential of Business Events as a tool for economic recovery and transformation in Slovakia and in Europe. We aspire to create an independent, impartial and inclusive expert network to drive the collaboration of all involved industry stakeholders within the public, academic and commercial sectors,” explains Henrik von Arnold, the Spokesman and one of the four Founding Partners of ACF – Audite, Cogitare, Facite. The other Founding Partners are Nina Erneker, Romana Kluková and Ivo Franschitz.

The ACF’s main assets are the multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral, international viewpoint, a professional 360°-degree perspective, extensive experience, and last but not least, the passion for the Business Events Industry. The advisory process consists of three important steps: Listen (Audite), Think (Cogitare) and Do (Facite) and it delivers strategic road maps, tangible actions and a commitment to guide organisations or entire destinations throughout the whole journey including education, business event industry networking ses-sions facilitation or strategic decisions support.

“The European Business Events experience big challenges while having the option of changing them into opportunities. We believe we can help you dealing with the Next Normal so let´s begin with the collaboration of all involved industry stakeholders,” encourages Henrik von Arnold.

Caption: The founders of ACF, Nina Erneker, Henrik von Arnold [photo by Kirsten Becken], Romana Kluková and Ivo Franschitz [photo by Martin Steiger].