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No 28
Atti Soenarso ponders the emergence of ‘metapresence.’
Cover Story
The IMEX Group will enter 2030 much more sustainable and regenerative.
Psychological Meetings
Hans Gordon on one’s liberties ending only where someone else’s liberties begin.
The project aims to build a strong position in hybrid experiences.
White Paper
Aims to shape a future vision for national CBs globally, including a visionary roadmap.
Providing new opportunities to host global events.
The Untact Mode
The marriage between Korea’s ICT technology and meeting business appears in various forms.
Untact services
There will be an investment in technologies that enable untact services, such as robotics, drones and high-speed internet.
Over the past 75 years, a new environmental canon has emerged.
Global Destination Sustainability Movement winner for the fifth time in a row.
Opinion: Three interesting trends that we need to capitalise on.
Aligning conference planning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Structural Change
Best-selling novelist Lesley Lokko on architecture, ‘race’ and culture.
Opinion: Three key criteria for seducing organisations.
Consolidates investment and events attraction strategy in a single entity.
The titular George Orwell essay makes Robin Sharma examine his own motivations.
Meeting Design
Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.
Honouring the ethos of charming old Europe expressed in Danish architectural heritage.
Regenerative Revolution
Supporting the business events industry on a transformative journey.
Roger Kellerman on facing a world where old rules no longer apply.