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No 26
Atti Soenarso: If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower
Cover Story
Chantal Sturk-Nadeau on one of the world’s largest strategies in scale and scope.
Psychological Meetings
Hans Gordon on when social lubricants become dangerous weapons.
The next step is to develop connections between artists and the international music market.
Go a little bit out of your depth.
Industry Identity
Elizabeth Rich is a keen observer of an industry which remains close to her heart.
Ancient Knowledge
The world’s indigenous communities are owners of highly innovative businesses.
White Paper
Current trends influencing Europe as a meetings destination.
Copenhagen Convention Bureau shares their insight and knowledge.
Technology Pivot
One thing is clear: technology will play an even more significant role moving forward.
Video cannot replace an event, but it does extend the lifespan of an event.
Walking right out of the machinery.
Demand Networking
We need to sit down and evaluate what we are doing. Are we rolling towards the abyss?
Over 10,000 meetings due to take place over the three days of the event.
The latest keynote speakers at IBTM World Virtual presented.
Getting you into the rare-air that very few know.
Adding Value
Innovation campus in the heart of the Olympic Village on the eastern fringes of central London.
Roger Kellerman wants us to learn what fragile states means for business.