Investment strategy
The South Korean Sono Group
plans to invest in facilities on the High Coast, Sweden.
New innovations
Culinary explosion as Expo2020
reveals award-winning chefs and brand-new dining concepts across 200-plus eateries.
strong global interest
Dubai set to host major business events
as Expo2020 approaches.
more than 14,000 visitors
IBTM World 2019 named Best International Trade Show
- Event crowned at the Exhibition News Awards.
New partnership
IAPCO forms a new destination partnership with JNTO,
the Japan National Tourism Organization.

Tokyo Convention Visitors Bureau
winning bid to host the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications 2023.
global leadership
PCMA Announces Plans for Global Growth
New and Expanded Leadership Structure for APAC, EMEA and LATAM Regions.
business intelligence
IACC Americas Connect 2021
Takes Place Using MultiPOD Format.
Hotel news
Qatar to open 105 new hotels
as it gears up for FIFA World Cup 2022.
hotel news
InterContinental hotel in the works for Montenegro
InterContinental hotel in the works for Montenegro
Dante's Inferno: Preview Friv Game

Recently, the multimillion-dollar giant Friv5Online Games Studio for many players has ceased to be associated exclusively with clipping coupons, idle blockbusters and strict adherence to the release calendar of sequels and triquels. Over the past year, Friv5Online has not only tarnished its reputation with the release of an obsolete clone of Star Wars: Battlefront in the entourage of Tolkien's Middle-earth, but also released a number of interesting projects. One of the first virtual swallows of change was the Friv5Online Redwood Shores Dead Space project, which turned out to be a very decent action horror, at the forefront of which was put a curious idea with the eerie name "tactical dismemberment". The next significant Friv game of the Redwood division is the slasher in the world of "Divine Comedy" Dante Alighieri - Dante's Inferno.

Perhaps all who read Alighieri's work immediately after the phrase "based on the book ..." recalled the mediocre Rise of the Argonauts . In the latter, we recall, the characters of ancient Greek myths were reshaped and sewn with coarse white threads, and the storyline was seriously truncated and turned inside out. The same applies to Dante's Inferno : Alighieri's story was turned from a tragic story about how the main character Dante (now the protagonist of Devil May Crya namesake appeared) went through nine circles of hell, in a brutal story with a mighty warrior in the role of Dante. The only thing that remains in common with the original is the setting. Dante's late beloved, Beatrice, sends the spirit of the ancient poet Virgil to lead the brave widower to his deceased wife. And then begins the total destruction of the hellish hordes by the players, which has nothing to do with the original source.

In general, the developers got a very rich material: the Underworld was described in great detail in the book. The decorations of the circles of Hell, their creepy inhabitants - the necessary details are in place, there is only one thing left: to shift all this onto the slasher rails covered with corpses and to enclose in the program code the gloomy atmosphere of the last destination of sinners. Fortunately, there is no need to fear for the design of levels and characters, since the famous Hollywood artist Wayne Barlow is responsible for it , whose track record includes such films as Blade 2 and Hellboy. The images of many heroes are pleasantly surprising at all: there was a place for some abstractness. For example, Charon, carrying the souls of the dead on a boat, will appear before us not in the form of a gloomy muscular man, but in the form of a huge man-ship with a deck-spine.

But if the atmosphere promises to be quite unusual, then revelations in the gameplay should not be expected. Judging by the few cutscenes and screenshots, Dante's Inferno is the half brother of God of War . Dante with a trophy scythe of Death itself at the ready cuts hordes of demons to the right and left and dashingly deals with fifty-meter bosses. In addition, the deadly tool of the farmer becomes flexible at the right time, and duels with monsters for a while give way to a series of acrobatic sketches: Dante, a man in excellent athletic form, jumps along the ledges no worse than Altair or the Prince of Persia.

Along with the usual acrobatic numbers and shredding of the inhabitants of Hell, another interesting detail awaits us: some monsters can be tamed. It is assumed that certain types of creatures will have their own rider, after the reprisal with which we will be able to sit on the back of the monster with impunity and control it. With the proper level of entertainment, walks on such an exotic transport can become a very weighty load on the "positive" scale.

Of course, the obligatory element of every self-respecting slasher - character leveling, will not go anywhere. It will be quite classic: we have to collect the souls that fall out of the affected scythe and spend them on improving skills. True, collecting precious currency is a bit like BioShock : as in the best shooter of 2007, we ourselves have to choose whether to destroy the soul of a sinner or save it. In the first case, a smaller number of points awaits us, which we do not risk losing, in the second, we will receive additional funds for pumping, but only if we succeed in a special Friv mini-game, if you fail, you will be left with your nose. That's all the gameplay elements: after all, whatever one may say, Dante's Inferno is an ordinary slasher with promising decorations and daring gameplay.

The technical side does not bring any surprises either. The Dead Space engine regularly draws guts, severed limbs and other organic joys. However, the developers decided to go for a slight decrease in the quality of the picture, so that the Friv game will not be annoying with constant slowdowns even on weak machines. And the image quality is unlikely to seriously suffer: screenshots only confirm this.

A high-quality slasher is a rare guest on the PC and very often lagging from the console edges, so Dante's Inferno becomes even more long-awaited for PC owners. This is facilitated by the peculiar setting of Hell - the embodiment of the wonderful book by Dante Alighieri - decent graphics and a spectacular bloody mess without censorship, which is of great value in our time. Who has not dreamed of gouging out a slanting eye of a huge Minotaur or hacking the mad dog Cerberus in half! And if you are ready to close your eyes to... ahem, some discrepancies with the story and love good slashers on a large scale, feel free to include Dante's Inferno in the list of possible personal Friv games of the year.