Meetings No 28
The Metaverse: A Digital Reality
Atti Soenarso ponders the emergence of ‘metapresence.’
Cover Story
Carina Bauer
The IMEX Group will enter 2030 much more sustainable and regenerative.
Psychological Meetings
Tears in the Fabric: About Popular Culture and Morality
Hans Gordon on one’s liberties ending only where someone else’s liberties begin.
Hybrid+: A New Approach to Meeting Experiences
The project aims to build a strong position in hybrid experiences.
White Paper
The Future Role and Purpose of Convention Bureaux
Aims to shape a future vision for national CBs globally, including a visionary roadmap.
New Arena in Copenhagen for 7,000 Seated Guests
Providing new opportunities to host global events.
The Untact Mode
Korean Cases: Utilising Meeting Technology
The marriage between Korea’s ICT technology and meeting business appears in various forms.
Untact services
Untact: South Korea’s Plan for a Contact-Free Society
There will be an investment in technologies that enable untact services, such as robotics, drones and high-speed internet.
Green Ideas
Over the past 75 years, a new environmental canon has emerged.
Gothenburg Wins International Award for Sustainability Work
Global Destination Sustainability Movement winner for the fifth time in a row.
Three Trends Bound to Stay Beyond the Pandemic
Opinion: Three interesting trends that we need to capitalise on.
Glasgow’s Go Greener Toolkit Implements More Sustainable Practices
Aligning conference planning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Structural Change
Berlin Questions: Africa as the Laboratory of the Future
Best-selling novelist Lesley Lokko on architecture, ‘race’ and culture.
Regaining the Confidence of Associa­tions Key Elements Destinations Cannot Afford to Miss
Opinion: Three key criteria for seducing organisations.
New Business Unit Strengthens Business Events in Bogota
Consolidates investment and events attraction strategy in a single entity.
Why I Write
The titular George Orwell essay makes Robin Sharma examine his own motivations.
Meeting Design
Humanity’s Problem Is a Meeting Problem
Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.
Villa Copenhagen: A New Hub for Business Events
Honouring the ethos of charming old Europe expressed in Danish architectural heritage.
Regenerative Revolution
Hannuwa: A New Paradigm for Event Management
Supporting the business events industry on a transformative journey.
I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Roger Kellerman on facing a world where old rules no longer apply.
key highlights
Move Over Covid, the Business Travel Industry Tackles
New Considerations on its Continued Road to Recovery.
hotel news
Scandic’s largest hotel to date opens in Copenhagen
- Nordic spa and chef from Michelin-starred restaurant.
Helsinki Airport
Best Airport in Northern Europe.
Stockholm is number one
Corporate Knights
inaugural Sustainable Cities Index ranks 50 global cities.
15-18 November 2022
International Aviation Conference
lands at MCEC bringing $4.7m to Melbourne’s economy.
hotel news
to take over Hotel Opus in Horsens, Denmark.
business intelligence
mci group
drives the digital evolution.
hotel news
Historic Scandic Holmenkollen Park
reopens in new attire.
business intelligence
Vienna on top in the 2021 ICCA ranking:
Austria Center Vienna sees clear upturn in conferences.
At Takina 2025
Wellington makes history
winning digital preservation conference.
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Villa Copenhagen: A New Hub for Business Events

With a history as the Central Post & Telegraph Head Office from 1912, Villa Copenhagen is a new social scene in the capital city of Denmark. The past, present, and future can be gathered in an inspiring and playful atmosphere.

The hotel offers 390 guest rooms and suites, restaurants and bars, a gym and relaxation area, and conference and event rooms with up to 1 200 people in the largest one.

As part of Nordic Hotels & Resorts, Villa Copenhagen is currently top-of-the-line within Petter Stordalen’s empire.

By honouring the ethos of charming old Europe expressed in Danish architectural heritage and a modern and vibrant environment, visitors, locals and international guests are promised an experience for all the senses.

Villa Copenhagen gathers people as an international hub for meetings and events in the heart of Copenhagen. With room for 1,200 people, Square, with its large walls of old boulders and the adjoining eight studios, gives a sense of history and significance when arranging everything from significant events, conferences to more intimate meetings. Square, The Boardroom and Playroom are just some of the hotel’s event facilities, and each venue has its feel and atmosphere.

When you enter through the doors of the Courtyard, which is supposed to be a social hub and multi-functional place, it’s like entering a lounge for the Orient Express. The bar is discreet on one side, and there are inviting doors leading into restaurants and meeting rooms.

The hotel differs from its competitors as its focus is on the environment and sustainability. The UN’s sustainable development goals play a role in the environmental strategy. Villa Copenhagen takes responsibility for its ecological footprint, and its meeting and event facilities are no exception.

Together with Mater, a Danish pioneer in sustainable furniture design and production, they have picked up 2.2 tonnes of plastic marine waste and turned it into 800 conference chairs.

Collaborating with Mater and choosing a carefully produced design for Villa Copenhagen’s chairs has minimised the carbon footprint by more than 3.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide and supported their shared goal of helping the UN’s goal of responsible consumption and production.

Great emphasis is placed on hiring employees with different backgrounds, investing in CSR work in local communities, and from the food in the restaurant to the interior, always thinking about the hotel’s impact on the planet.

The classic hotel bar called T37, named after Tietgensgade and the old street number has a door to the street. It was here that the inhabitants of the city went in to arrange for their letters and parcels.

From the ceiling hangs straps from the old mailbags as a greeting to the city’s former postmen and their bags.

Photo Villa Copenhagen