Meetings No 28
The Metaverse: A Digital Reality
Atti Soenarso ponders the emergence of ‘metapresence.’
Cover Story
Carina Bauer
The IMEX Group will enter 2030 much more sustainable and regenerative.
Psychological Meetings
Tears in the Fabric: About Popular Culture and Morality
Hans Gordon on one’s liberties ending only where someone else’s liberties begin.
Hybrid+: A New Approach to Meeting Experiences
The project aims to build a strong position in hybrid experiences.
White Paper
The Future Role and Purpose of Convention Bureaux
Aims to shape a future vision for national CBs globally, including a visionary roadmap.
New Arena in Copenhagen for 7,000 Seated Guests
Providing new opportunities to host global events.
The Untact Mode
Korean Cases: Utilising Meeting Technology
The marriage between Korea’s ICT technology and meeting business appears in various forms.
Untact services
Untact: South Korea’s Plan for a Contact-Free Society
There will be an investment in technologies that enable untact services, such as robotics, drones and high-speed internet.
Green Ideas
Over the past 75 years, a new environmental canon has emerged.
Gothenburg Wins International Award for Sustainability Work
Global Destination Sustainability Movement winner for the fifth time in a row.
Three Trends Bound to Stay Beyond the Pandemic
Opinion: Three interesting trends that we need to capitalise on.
Glasgow’s Go Greener Toolkit Implements More Sustainable Practices
Aligning conference planning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Structural Change
Berlin Questions: Africa as the Laboratory of the Future
Best-selling novelist Lesley Lokko on architecture, ‘race’ and culture.
Regaining the Confidence of Associa­tions Key Elements Destinations Cannot Afford to Miss
Opinion: Three key criteria for seducing organisations.
New Business Unit Strengthens Business Events in Bogota
Consolidates investment and events attraction strategy in a single entity.
Why I Write
The titular George Orwell essay makes Robin Sharma examine his own motivations.
Meeting Design
Humanity’s Problem Is a Meeting Problem
Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.
Villa Copenhagen: A New Hub for Business Events
Honouring the ethos of charming old Europe expressed in Danish architectural heritage.
Regenerative Revolution
Hannuwa: A New Paradigm for Event Management
Supporting the business events industry on a transformative journey.
I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Roger Kellerman on facing a world where old rules no longer apply.
next-gen platform
mci group
opens a creative technology studio in Brazil.
23,000 participants
Eighteen International Conferences
Selected Seoul to be the Destination.
over 300 programmes
Helsingborg, southern Sweden
invites the world to a 35-day innovation fest with H22 City Expo.
hotel news
Scandic to open
climate-neutral hotel in Sundsvall, Sweden, in 2024.
airline news
China blocks some flights from the U.S. as Covid precautions rise
United canceled flights from San Francisco to Shanghai on six days in late January.
could be 8,000 delegates
The World’s Largest Congress on Allergy
Heads to Prague, Czech Republic.
hotel news
Germany’s first Radisson Collection hotel
opens in the heart of Berlin.
business & meetings
Beijing North Star Convention and Exhibition
and GainingEdge Enter into Strategic Partnership.
flight industry
New “boarding tax” in Belgium
to make tickets up to 10 euros more expensive.
new job
Destinations International
Announces Director of European Engagement.
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New Arena in Copenhagen for 7,000 Seated Guests

Bella Arena is the name of Copenhagen’s new arena, which is built as an extension of the Bella Center Copenhagen, Scandinavia’s largest congress, conference and exhibition centre.

With room for 7,000 seated guests in the new venue, Copenhagen can host even larger international events in the future. A strong focus on sustainability throughout the construction process and an innovative partnership with Carlsberg gives Bella Arena a gold certification in sustainable construction.

Bellakvarter in Orestad is already a magnet for international events with Bella Center Copenhagen and AC Hotel Bella Sky, which is only ten minutes away from Copenhagen International Airport and directly connected to the rest of the city through Bella Center Metro Station.

The area is being expanded with an arena with 14,000 flexible square metres so that centre can accommodate 30,000 simultaneous guests in the future. The venue, thus, provides completely new opportunities for Bella Center and Copenhagen to host global business and political conferences as well as cultural and sporting events.

To attract the largest international congresses, Copenhagen has historically lacked two things: hotel capacity and a large column-free arena, where the main speaker could speak to 7,000 participants at the same time.

“The hotels have been added over the last few years, and now we are adding the arena, which, together with the rest of Bella Center, raises the bar for which events we can draw to the capital,” says Christian Folden Lund, CEO of BC Hospitality Group.

The new Bella Arena is connected to the existing Bella Center via a large glass atrium. The arena, the hotel, and the centre are now under one roof and can accommodate events with 30,000 participants. Bella Arena also gets its own identities and entrances to be used for cultural events and sporting events at the same time as there are other business events in the centre.

“We have focused on creating a flexible solution that expands what the entire Bella complex with congress centre, hotel and arena can be used for, so that we are 100 per cent ready, now when the world reopens,” says Christian Folden Lund.

“Bella Arena, which together with Bella Center makes Bellakvarter a new international hub for business events,” says Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism organisation of the capital region of Denmark.

“We must restart the experience economy in full force, and there will be a demand for large events. This requires that we have the right facilities here in the city. The opening of Bella Arena and the potential we now have in Bellakvarter are crucial for the experience economy in the Copenhagen of the future.”

Sustainability and accountability are considered in all parts of the centre and associated hotels. Naturally, Bella Arena was created with the same focus on sustainability.

Sustainable materials, energy efficiency and circularity have been key focus points. This has led to Bella Arena achieving the international gold certification within sustainability from DGNB, the abbreviation (in German) for the German Sustainable Building Council.

In close partnership with BC Hospitality Group’s new beverage supplier, Carlsberg, upcycled beer kegs have been used in the process. The upcycled barrels are used together with recycled wood from the original Bella Center at Bellahøj.

“The DGNB certification is proof that it is possible to think sustainability in large buildings. Also, the opening marks the start of a strategic partnership with Carlsberg, which has strengthened our focus on sustainability,” says Christian Folden Lund.

“Carlsberg is not only a supplier of beverages but an overall sustainability partner with a focus on circularity. For the next many years, we will work together to make guests’ experiences more sustainable.”

Photo Bella Arena