Meetings No 22
Constructive Journalism
Atti Soenarso: Journalism that offers a fuller picture of our world.
Cover Story
Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Gapminder
“We’re right, you’re wrong. It’s as simple as that.”
You have to have Stories to tell
The simple poetry of My Life as a Dog.
Long Tail Insights
The Power and Legacy of Conferences
Stories of serendipity, innovation and driving social change.
Smart Decision
Sustainable Meetings Vital Part of the New Strategy of Gothenburg
Gothenburg has a clear plan.
African Convention Bureaux Will Lead the Way
Agenda 2063 is a call to action.
IBTM World Announces Tech Watch Award shortlist
A shortlist of nine finalists has been announced.
Economic Impact
Incheon – Forward-thinking Metropolis
A South Korean city with a demand for business events.
You Are Not Safe
Predicting the birth of the Internet with 20/20 hindsight.
Global Index
Gaining Edge Launches Global Competitive Index
Bigger isn’t always more competitive.
IACC confirms 63 new member venues in Denmark
The new venues are part of Danske Konference Centre.
Isn’t It Time? The 13 Questions for Visionaries
Robin Sharma hopes to help you win.
Thought Leadership
A Futurist on the Future of Payments
Anders Sorman-Nilsson: It has to be frictionless.
Tips for Measuring ROI
Two ROI experts share their insights.
CWT Meetings and Events Forecast 2019
Data-driven insight and expert analysis to maximise your results.
Our Knowledge Bank Is Growing
Roger Kellerman: New knowledge flows to us.
ISN & YPO got Awards
Best Cities
launch global recognition award program.
19-21 November 2019
IBTM World
Launches Business Mentorship and Investment Programme.
28-29 August
IBTM China
introduces new Business Travel Summit at 2019 event.
61 offices in 31 countries
opens Hamburg office.
business intelligence
The Future of cities
under the microscope in Brisbane.
big meetings
World leading ear, nose and throat surgeons
to head to Brisbane.
big meetings
secures Flight Centre’s 4500-strong Global Gathering.
significant achievements
AIM Group International’s Annual Report Shows Steady Growth for 2018
Increased EBITDA and overall turnover, diversification of the business, major events realised and acquired are among the flagship results.
BestCities Announces New Strategic Business Development Group Chairperson
Beverly Williamson, General Manager of Business Development and Bids at Melbourne Convention Bureau, has been appointed to the role.
economic boost
Business Events to Bring $112 Million to Brisbane
Brisbane will receive the economic boost through new business events set to take place in the city over the coming years.
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Our Knowledge Bank Is Growing

The world has changed beyond recognition since I took my first tentative steps into professional journalism some 40 years ago. I began at a small Swedish local newspaper and wrote about anything and everything, from accidents and sport to the arts and social issues. It was an ideal way to learn about the society we lived in.

In 1984, fortune smiled upon me and I was able to start my own magazine. It was here I began writing about the meetings and events industry. It gave me the opportunity to travel the world, which opened my eyes early to the fact that not everything was as cosy as in safe and secure Sweden. Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA became important knowledge centres, from which I gained new broader and deeper insights into how their meetings industries functioned.

Later on, economic surveys were conducted which showed that everything I believed about the economic size of the meetings and events industry was true. It is a large and significant industry that develops individuals, associations, organisations, companies, colleges, universities and whole societies. Too bad that so few politicians understand this. But this issue is also up to the industry representatives.

Several years ago, we finally added Africa to our knowledge bank, most recently Rwanda and the eastern part of the continent. At the end of the year we are travelling to South America to learn more about developments in Colombia, among other places. Slowly but surely, we have become better at reporting on events in different parts of the world.

Our knowledge of the meetings and events industry we have mainly acquired from the people we have met over the years. Representatives and members of various networks, companies and organisations such as ICCA, PCMA, MPI, INCON, IACC, JMIC, AIPC, IAPCO, SITE, IMEX, IBTM World, Best Cities. New insights and knowledge have also been shared by all the people throughout the world who make up our network. People who regularly report on the latest events and developments. This may seem obvious but is far from it. At the same time, information pours into our computers that can be categorised as dross that is almost impossible to protect yourself against.

The debates on the less than positive merits of social media have brought the social channels down a peg or two during the year. What can we expect in the next five years? We may know more this after the Best Cities Global Forum in Bogotá in December. An ever-present source of new knowledge flows to us from across the globe. We work on it and continue to create and develop constructive journalism.