Meetings No 22
Constructive Journalism
Atti Soenarso: Journalism that offers a fuller picture of our world.
Cover Story
Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Gapminder
“We’re right, you’re wrong. It’s as simple as that.”
You have to have Stories to tell
The simple poetry of My Life as a Dog.
Long Tail Insights
The Power and Legacy of Conferences
Stories of serendipity, innovation and driving social change.
Smart Decision
Sustainable Meetings Vital Part of the New Strategy of Gothenburg
Gothenburg has a clear plan.
African Convention Bureaux Will Lead the Way
Agenda 2063 is a call to action.
IBTM World Announces Tech Watch Award shortlist
A shortlist of nine finalists has been announced.
Economic Impact
Incheon – Forward-thinking Metropolis
A South Korean city with a demand for business events.
You Are Not Safe
Predicting the birth of the Internet with 20/20 hindsight.
Global Index
Gaining Edge Launches Global Competitive Index
Bigger isn’t always more competitive.
IACC confirms 63 new member venues in Denmark
The new venues are part of Danske Konference Centre.
Isn’t It Time? The 13 Questions for Visionaries
Robin Sharma hopes to help you win.
Thought Leadership
A Futurist on the Future of Payments
Anders Sorman-Nilsson: It has to be frictionless.
Tips for Measuring ROI
Two ROI experts share their insights.
CWT Meetings and Events Forecast 2019
Data-driven insight and expert analysis to maximise your results.
Our Knowledge Bank Is Growing
Roger Kellerman: New knowledge flows to us.
highest bid wins
Wins Most Business Events in Single Year, Makes History.
from idea to reality
International coach training
- a long-term effect of the World Championships in Halmstad.

ICC Sydney serves up its
2020 Menu Collection.
Kenes Group strengthens its position
with two new offices: in Lisbon and Seville.
10,000 delegates
Scottish Event Campus
secures 2023 European hat-trick.
new job
BestCities announce new Managing Director
Lesley Williams takes over Managing Director role
the winner
The Convention Centre Dublin did it again
won the award for World’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre
Singapore chosen as host city for the inaugural
IBTM Asia Pacific in 2020.

Convene challenges technology events
to set up In Baltic Region.
Town Square Park
Dubai mega project
to hit major milestone today Friday.
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Gaining Edge Launches Global Competitive Index

A new index which ranks cities in terms of their competitive strength for attracting international conventions was launched at the ICCA Congress in Dubai in the beginning of November.

Gaining Edge CEO, Gary Grimmer says that the index will help destinations gain insights into how much convention business they should expect to host on an annual basis.

“ICCA Statistics provides a great source of information on how many meetings are being held in cities around the world. But, until now, destinations had no standard reference for how many conventions they should reasonably expect to have.”

Grimmer says that the purpose of the new index was to help cities in their goal setting and also to provide a meaningful new resource for use in their strategic planning processes.

The index scores cities based on their strengths in relation to 11 key drivers that Gaining Edge says influence association decision making during destination selection processes. The first three are the “hygiene factors” (the essentials) including convention centre capacity, hotel capacity and air access. These account for 45 per cent of the weighting on scores.

The next three are “competitive advantage” factors including the size of the destination’s association community, cost and destination appeal in both a business and tourism sense. These account for 30 per cent of the weighting. The final 25 per cent of the possible points relate to what Gaining Edge calls “key differentiators” which include logistics, market size, economy, business environment and safety and stability.

The database which underpins the index was developed through both primary research and use of 29 third party indices and data sources, including ICCA Data, all of which are used to score the relative strength of destinations in relation to each of the drivers. The index uses a 1,000 point scale and each city’s score out of 1,000 determines its place in the ranking.

Paris, France, took top marks in the new competitive index, while it came in second in the ICCA list of busiest convention cities in 2017. However, Gary Grimmer says that there is not a direct correlation between the ICCA numbers and those in the Competitive index.

“Our index really has nothing to do with which are the most successful cities. And, we are also stressing that this is not a qualitative study. This is not about which cities are the best choices for international conventions, this is about which cities overall have the most competitive products.”

“There are many reasons why different destinations are chosen for a given convention. This is an assessment of how destinations compare in general, in terms of their product offerings as well as other factors that are most frequently considered in destination decisions.”

As part of the index, Gaining Edge has also created a scenario model which plots the cities based on two considerations, first whether their business is growing or declining and second whether they are hosting more or fewer conventions than the competitive index suggests that they should.

“We think that the scenario model will help destinations to gain insights into where they are and whether they should be in market share building mode, or market share protection mode.”

Gary Grimmer says that the index should have a lot of useful applications for bureaus and destinations. These include:

  • Competition analysis – the index provides useful metrics on each of the cities that can be incorporated into a given city’s market planning.
  • Goal setting – helping cities and their stakeholders better understand realistic business expectations.
  • Performance measurement – over time the index can help cities track their performance against competitive sets.
  • Strategic visioning – helping cities to set visionary goals that are attainable over time.
  • Strategic planning – providing useful insights into developing strategies and more importantly distinguishing the competitive factors that are needed to drive success in reaching strategic goals.
  • Strategic resourcing – support in evaluating the resource needs that align with strategic aspirations.
  • Strategic product development – offering information that helps them identify the product issues that require priority attention and validating to policy makers and stakeholders what needs to be done.
  • Communications and branding – helping them identify key issues that need to be addressed in a destination’s communications processes.

Gary Grimmer says that in many cases the findings are counter-intuitive. “Some people may be surprised that the index shows certain cities to be more competitive than others. One of our points in the index is that bigger isn’t always more competitive. The issue isn’t always how much capacity a city has but rather if it is adequate for market needs. For most meeting planners the issue is more about adequacy of capacity than it is about scale.”

Gaining Edge has introduced the concept of fair share into the equation. By factoring the competitive strength of destinations against the total business being produced in their competitive sets, the index can give them an indication of whether they are ahead or behind where they should be.

“We think providing a means of calculating fair share will be very powerful for cities as they seek to align government expectations with the resources required to get the job done.”

“If governments want to hold bureaus and their industry stakeholders accountable for results, then governments need to also be accountable themselves on making sure that the bureaus have the resources and the destination has the favourable policies needed to get the job done.”

The initial index included the 54 cities that ICCA lists as having hosted 150 or more international conventions in the three year period between 2015–2017. Gaining Edge plans to expand that list on an annual basis so that more destinations are included in the project in the future.

Photo: Gary Grimmer, CEO, Gaining Edge, by Roger Kellerman