Meetings No 21
Gender Equality the New Growth Factor
Atti Soenarso on the silent knowledge women have built up.
Cover Story
Women Deliver
Focus on the Women Deliver Conference.
Women Leadership
Dubai Women Establishment
A champion for women’s participation.
IMEX Launch
The “She Means Business” event
The Future Disrupted
Rohit Talwar on shocks that could overturn our world.
A Life Remembered
Tim “Avicii” Bergling.
Young Leaders
Gaining Edge Scholars
Learning, contributing and building the future.
Smart Cities
How Does a City Become Smart?
Lessons from Tel Aviv.
Motivating Using the Right Mindset
Scientist Alva Appelgren on praise and learning.
Economic Impact
Regarding Rwanda
Becoming one of Africa’s leading business events destinations.
IMEX Frankfurt
Innovation and Inspiration.
MCI Experience
Kim Myhre: The power of brand experiences.
Johan Hagegård
“The future isn’t at all what it used to be.”
Habits to Build Your Empire
Robin Sharma: Resist the saboteur!
Collaboration is key in winning association meetings.
Brain Check
Cecilia Björkén-Nyberg
On reading printed books and listening to audiobooks.
Why Is It Taken for Granted That I’m the Boss?
Roger Kellerman: More Space to Women!
instant booking is here
Four Major Hotel Companies
Invest in Meetings Venue Tech.
urban transformation
ICC Sydney and Partners
Showcase First State Super Theatre.
increasing priority for travelers
CWT research reveals
business travelers are more health-conscious during trips.
2nd meeting city in UK
Conference & event organisers encouraged
to ‘Make it Edinburgh’ as city strengthens position as UK no.1 for hotel investment & development.
new job
New director appointed for Meet in Reykjavík
- Reykjavík Convention Bureau.
The world’s first carbon-neutral constructed convention centre
- The CCD, attracts European clean electricity conference.
connecting the future
Ocean Science
fuel innovation and conferences in Victoria.
business Intelligence
Sixth consecutive record year:
Vancouver welcomed 10.7 million visitors in 2018.
Baltic Trade Show
returns to Vilnius in 2020.
AEG Ogden
Cairns Convention Centre
expansion great news for region, says CEO.
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Why Is It Taken for Granted That I’m the Boss?

I have been the Publisher of Meetings International since the launch of the magazine in 2003. Before that, 1989–2001, I was Editor in Chief of the Swedish Konferensvärlden (The Conference World) magazine. I have been working in the meetings and events industry since 1984 so I have plenty of experience.

But still, 15 years after the launch of Meetings International, almost everybody, or at least too many, believe I am the Editor in Chief of the magazine. I’m not. The legally responsible Editor in Chief is Mrs Atti Soenarso, who also happens to be my wife.

Why is it that I’m so often referred to as Editor in Chief of the magazine? I write a column for each edition that is placed right at the back of the magazine. A text that is edited by, guess who? Exactly, Mrs Atti Soenarso. Of course, there are plenty of people who know that Atti is the Editor in Chief and who also understand how a magazine is put together.

But oddly enough, they still turn to me and all too often I receive mail addressed to Editor in Chief Roger Kellerman. Are we still so stuck in our gender rut? Why is it taken for granted that I’m the boss of Atti, the woman? Not unexpectedly, we are treated in much the same way during a trade show: I’m always the first they ask because I’m a man. This is why initiatives like “She Means Business” at IMEX Frankfurt are so important.

Norwegian Petter Stordalen was first out of the blocks when he changed the Scandinavian hotel industry by employing an equal number of women and men hotel managers in his Nordic Choice Hotels Group. What happened to the rest of the Scandinavian hotel industry? They were simply forced to follow suit because any employer would look a fool to think that half of humanity in the shape of women were not as capable of running a hotel operation as proficiently as the other half of humanity.

Do I see any light at the end of the tunnel with regard to these issues? Of course, I do. “She Means Business is” one open window. In this issue we write about the Women Deliver foundation, who are making us more aware of the potential for half of humanity to create a better, if not much better, world. Another example is the Women Establishment in Dubai, and other exciting development projects in the Arab world that are creating hope for the whole of humanity.

Because it’s obvious to men who have both a heart and a brain: Without half of humanity we’ll never create a better world. This is, despite everything, what most people want. We’re giving more space to women in our magazine because they contribute to a broader, deeper and more diverse development also in the meetings and events industry. Petter Stordalen was first and more people are coming to the same conclusion: Women Deliver.