Meetings No 21
Gender Equality the New Growth Factor
Atti Soenarso on the silent knowledge women have built up.
Cover Story
Women Deliver
Focus on the Women Deliver Conference.
Women Leadership
Dubai Women Establishment
A champion for women’s participation.
IMEX Launch
The “She Means Business” event
The Future Disrupted
Rohit Talwar on shocks that could overturn our world.
A Life Remembered
Tim “Avicii” Bergling.
Young Leaders
Gaining Edge Scholars
Learning, contributing and building the future.
Smart Cities
How Does a City Become Smart?
Lessons from Tel Aviv.
Motivating Using the Right Mindset
Scientist Alva Appelgren on praise and learning.
Economic Impact
Regarding Rwanda
Becoming one of Africa’s leading business events destinations.
IMEX Frankfurt
Innovation and Inspiration.
MCI Experience
Kim Myhre: The power of brand experiences.
Johan Hagegård
“The future isn’t at all what it used to be.”
Habits to Build Your Empire
Robin Sharma: Resist the saboteur!
Collaboration is key in winning association meetings.
Brain Check
Cecilia Björkén-Nyberg
On reading printed books and listening to audiobooks.
Why Is It Taken for Granted That I’m the Boss?
Roger Kellerman: More Space to Women!
Meetings means business
Excellent start into 2019
for Ega worldwide congresses & events.
meetings means business
IBTM Arabia announces robust interest in region from
Chinese and European buyers.
new knowledge
Meetings Industry week in Helsinki
10 and 11 of April at Huone Event.

Caesars Entertainment Partners with Event Design Collective
to Introduce the Event Design Certificate (EDC) program.
hotel news
Two new hotels with 500 rooms for Düsseldorf airport. signs a new contract for H2 Hotel and H4 Hotel.
meetings creates events
is becoming the world’s most runnable city.
meetings means business
2018 a record year
for the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre.
meetings means business
ICC Sydney Outperforms Targets
as Annual Delegate Spend Increases to A$820 Million.
business intelligence
All star line up
- International Olympic Committee Barclays, Cisco, Microsoft and KPMG at Exclusively Corporate at IMEX.
hotel news
Scandic signs agreement
to sell Scandic Hasselbacken in Stockholm.
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Gender Equality the New Growth Factor

Are we heading towards a world order with “Girlvilles” where women dominate and are highest earners? Are we in the midst of a quiet revolution that puts cities and women at the centre? In their book Urban Express (2015), authors, lecturers and debaters Per Schlingmann and Kjell A Nordström describe a new order that does just that. More and more people are leaving rural areas and moving to cities. They predict that in 30 years or so 75 per cent of the world’s population will be living in urban areas and that cities will have an over-representation of women.

Women have a tendency to move to urban centres before men, they write. And women educate themselves in the cities. This has led to women actually earning more than men in many cities where there are reliable statistics. Women already dominant education at university level. This is clear to see in the city. The silent knowledge that so many women have built up over several years is beginning to seep up through the asphalt, through the red-hot desert sand; the silent knowledge that has helped put women in the majority in the Rwandan parliament, the silent knowledge that means that all too many people who haven’t visited Dubai have preconceptions about the conditions for women there. If you can’t see, you can’t hear, and you can’t tell.

Women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia is hardly seen as progress by many people. But when we monitor events in several of the Arab countries we see clear and rapid progress. At Zayed University in Dubai, women make up 95 per cent of the students. The global figure for women university students is 70 per cent. Anyone who thinks this won’t change the world, raise your hand.

Dubai is the home of the Women Establishment, founded in 2006. Yes, you read correctly. That’s 12 years ago. Have you heard the powers that be mention that women make up over half the population? But how will we be able to develop our countries unless women have the same opportunities to contribute on equal terms with men?

The Women Deliver Global Conference was held for the first time in London in 2007 and gathered nearly 2,000 advocates from 115 countries. By then the maternal mortality rate was appallingly high. World leaders needed to step up, rally around the issue and commit to action. And, they needed a place to do it, hence the birth of The Women Deliver Conference. At the time the event was described as ground-breaking and credited with igniting a movement that was desperately needed. The Women Deliver Global Conference is one of many congresses that sets the agenda, sets global progress in motion and makes a difference. But this is only the beginning. Despite everything, the world is a much better place than many of us think. We just need to keep our dramatic instincts under wraps in order to understand the world better. Source criticism and self-criticism should go hand in hand.