Meetings No 15
The DNA of a destination
Atti Soenarso: Changes are afoot with regard to Fam Trips.
Cover Story
Hans Gordon, Aviation Psychologist
Breaking point – when control snaps.
With Passion for Creating.
Municipal Executive Board in Borås
“Meetings are seen as a separate strategy area.”
Designing Meeting Places
Acclaimed architect Larry K. Oltmanns shares his insights.
All Eyes on Aberdeen
One of the most competitive cities in the UK.
Psychological Meetings
Is It Possible to Meet On a Level Playing Field?
Hans Gordon on Hierarchy.
Meetings for Growth
Annika Wennerblom, City Manager
“Meetings will pave the way to creating new innovations.”
Ideas to Impact
Focus on Late-Stage Innovation
The Sound Says Freedom Exists
A thank you to world-famous Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer.
Meetings Live
Meeting Design III
Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver discuss programme design.
Crisis Management
Masters of Disaster
Bert van Walbeek on Safety and Security.
Wellness Management
To Be as Fast as You Can – Move Slow
Annette Lefterow on our ‘inner economy’.
Economic Impact
Vienna’s Second-Best Congress Result in 2014
Considerable increases in the number of events.
Working For a Better World
In support of humanitarian and environmental initiatives.
New Seminars and Exhibitors
Takes IMEX Frankfurt Up a Notch.
Turning Distraction Into Action
Corbin Ball illuminates Second Screen Technology.
Just a Moment, Please
Meeting Sir Albert.
I’ve Been Longing
To Write This Piece for You.
Brain Check
Una Tellhed unpacks the mysteries of creativity.
The Flying Grass Carpet
Is Back in Rotterdam.
Digging Deeper
Business Intelligence Report #2
highest bid wins
Wins Most Business Events in Single Year, Makes History.
from idea to reality
International coach training
- a long-term effect of the World Championships in Halmstad.

ICC Sydney serves up its
2020 Menu Collection.
Kenes Group strengthens its position
with two new offices: in Lisbon and Seville.
10,000 delegates
Scottish Event Campus
secures 2023 European hat-trick.
new job
BestCities announce new Managing Director
Lesley Williams takes over Managing Director role
the winner
The Convention Centre Dublin did it again
won the award for World’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre
Singapore chosen as host city for the inaugural
IBTM Asia Pacific in 2020.

Convene challenges technology events
to set up In Baltic Region.
Town Square Park
Dubai mega project
to hit major milestone today Friday.
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The Flying Grass Carpet Is Back in Rotterdam

The world's largest travelling art-piece is back in Rotterdam after seven years of travels and adventures. Till 30th June The Flying Grass Carpet, a project by Studio ID Eddy and HUNK-design, will green up the Grotekerkplein in Rotterdam.

“We invite you for a opening with a blissful picnic, a spectacular dance performance by Conny Janssen Danst, Circus Rotjeknor for children’s activities and some cheerful music by DJ Meneer Jansen,” says Eddy Kaijser of Studio ID Eddy.

“We conceptualized and developed this project and Rotterdam was in 2008 one of the first cities where we rolled it out. It feels great that our Carpet is, after 7 years of travels and more than 20 destinations, back in our hometown. Feel free to enjoy, meet, play and celebrate with us.”

The art-piece, a Dutch Design Award winner 2009, is designed to look like an immense Persian rug with its pattern executed in different types of artificial grass, giving it a typical look and touch. The design consists of different parts that can be adjusted to any location. The size of the Carpet can be altered from 18×22 metres to 25×36 metres.

“Landed in a city the Carpet works well for all kinds of events. As with ordinary parks, people can lie down on the grass or play ball with their friends. But its attractive appearance is also perfect for special events. It’s an excellent spot to have a Frisbee tournament, a city picnic and all sorts of contests and performances.

“Now that city centres all over the world are rapidly being privatized, the public domain is under pressure and is losing its quality.

“The Carpet delivers a beautiful alternative for city dwellers to enjoy the city. It brings instant cosiness and a green leisure feeling to any city where it lands.”

Read more about the project on ­