Meetings No 08
Regard me as a human being and I will listen
Atti Soenarso highlights the importance of relationships
Cover Story
Strategic Intelligence: Nathalie Wlodarczyk
We are a private intelligence agency without spies
Meeting Psychology
Meetings in Cyberspace
Hans Gordon on the origins and future of communication
Color the Trees
Our own soundtrack
Brain Check
Facial Expressions
Tonya Pixton: A smile creates new thoughts
Steven Jobs
On achievement
Robin Sharma
The Business of Business
The primary purpose of business is people
Durable Strategy
Charlotta Mantell
Ericsson Studio
Constant Change
Knowledge is constantly renewed and developed
hotel news - New Hotels
150 new luxury hotels
opened in Greece in 2018.
New job
ICCA Board of Directors
selects Senthil Gopinath as incoming CEO.
business intelligence
Calgary’s BMO Convention and Trade Centre
set for expansion.
business intelligence
Berlin 2018 Event Impact Report:
Big benefits to host city.
Business Intelligence
Christian Mutschlechner
oins Congrex Switzerland’s Board of Directors.
Business Intelligence
QODE to crack innovation trends
in Queensland’s vibrant startup sectors.
Legacy Program
Why doing business in Asia
takes more than a single brush strategy.
new meetingplace
Board of Governors approves
Board of Governors approves
Hotel News - New Hotels
The Radisson Collection
Hotel & Suites Paris La Défense Announced.
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Constant Change

That everything is undergoing constant change is nothing new, not even for those who think that social media controls everything and everybody. We seem to have a very short memory. That which didn’t exist five years ago could be the biggest thing now, only to be forgotten in five years time due to the changes we didn’t see coming.

Our magazine has steadily progressed during the eight years it has been on the market. Four years ago we began an English version, thus giving us a whole world to cover, a world that finds itself in a state of constant change. Knowledge is constantly renewed and developed.

We are also joining the International Meetings Review Network together with several other magazines. What this will lead to is difficult to say, and that which is common knowledge in a year’s time has probably not even been considered by us yet. But we always leave the door ajar.

Parallel with this we are translating our two most popular books into English: Kick-start Your Work Meeting by facilitators Maria Eliasson and Pia Villför Larsson, and Meeting Psychology by Dr. Hans Gordon. The books are fully in line with the changes brought about by meetings becoming more professional. The starting point in Gordon’s book is that if we don’t know who we are or why we are, how are we able to understand how other people are, and if we don’t know who we are and why we are who we are, how are we able to create good meetings?

The recent Nordic Choice Hotels’ event Next Generation Meetings in Stockholm discussed taste, fragrance, colour and sensation as the basis for experiences. Experiences create meetings from which we take knowledge back to our daily lives, and this is of great significance for where we hold our meetings and how we develop the world. Next Generation Meetings is always present and is undergoing constant change.