Meetings No 01
This is no ordinary meeting magazine.
Cover Story
Johan Johansson
encourages us to challenge our thought patterns.
Psychological Meetings
Meeting People
Gordon slowly opens the door just a little bit.
Ecological Breakfast
A great success.
Richard Gatarski
Gatarski Questions the Myth of Total Presence
Please turn on your mobile phones!
Shari Swan
Swan on New Ways of Working
and an ever present focus on the street.
Take a Break with Cottam
Excerpts from Mothers Pearls: 27 short autobiographical chapters of aha moments of realization.
Business Meetings Management
A five part masters programme.
Jonas Bodin
Meeting With Meaning
CSR in practice
Jan Rollof
On Creativity
and its impact on meetings.
Mind Check
The Significance of Colours
Tomas Dalström picks the brain of Karl Rydberg.
Business Intelligence
Four Years Before the London Olympics
What's on, Barbara Jamison, at visit London?
Per Hörberg
Hidden Agendas
Affecting meetings everywhere.
Meeting Architecture
Dr Elling Hamso an the most significant book ever.
Spread the Message
Nature's Ten Best Tips
To suddenly become green in your meeting concept is not as easy as it sounds.
Meetings Industry Research
Lund University conducts research into the meetings industry.
A way of communicating.
Roger Kellerman
A Buyers' and Meetings Planners' Magazine
Why Meetings International goes international.
New knowledge
Brain research
shows added value live events.
BTM World 2020
transitions to virtual.
post-pandemic momentum
Dubai Tourism forms Business Events Stakeholders committee,
host first meeting as industry resumes activity.
hotel news
Scandic expects
occupancy of 30-35 percent for September.
Covid developer
Scandic Hotels
launches the largest network of coworking spaces in the Nordic countries.
planned for 16-17 Sep
Update on GIAF
- New dates set for 5-6 November 2020.
Sands Expo and Convention Centre
is now a carbon neutral venue.
positive impact
The Hague webinar
celebrates partnerships and first anniversary of Ottawa MOU.
expanding network
ICCA Partners up
with Geneva International Associations Forum (GIAF).
Sponsored Content
Taiwan Ready to Reopen to the World
Over 80 events taking place in Taipei now.
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This is no ordinary meeting magazine. Our purpose is to help you improve your leadership skills one meeting at a time. The Swedish edition of Meetings International has been published for five years, a small language in a sizeable country with few inhabitants. We intend to change this by turning upside down much of the popular wisdom about meeting management. What we do know is that we are the world’s only meeting management magazine, and we now want to share our mindset with a larger and international readership. We target buyers and planners at management level. We do not write about hotels and other hardware but the content, the software. Neither do we write about destinations, unless it is a supplement written in our own special way. We also have the ambition of bringing the meeting and event industry into the spotlight of politicians.

We do not intend to teach you how to arrange good meetings, only you know how to do that. We can, however, give you an idea of the latest innovations to assist you in producing the very best meetings and events. We sometimes write about pedagogical methods, the growth of professional facilitators, exciting innovators, people who dare to be pioneering. We promote the meeting as a strategic management tool for creating better companies, for progress and for increasing profitability, and we meet the people who have succeeded. They do not necessarily need to be involved in the meeting and event industry, they can just as easily be brain researchers, light and sound technicians, interior designers, musicians, set designers or aid workers.

We also strive to form a link between you and global cutting edge expertise in creating professional meetings, not only in the future but in the here and now. We are not afraid of challenging; we all need a challenge in order to progress. We are probably not in agreement with you over how to create better meetings or their evaluation method, and you might well question the people we choose to write about in the magazine. Our view is that we cannot always share the same opinion. Our opinions will always differ.

Isadora Duncan, a pioneer of modern dance, is one of our inspirers. She become world famous for her innovative and challenging dance numbers, but also dedicated many years of her life to educating children. Her ambition was not primarily to teach children to dance, but to show them that they could learn to dance. We are the same: We do not primarily want to teach our readers how to create good meetings, but through our message show that it is possible.

Our magazine is not the bearer of all truths. It conveys thoughts. It is up to you to reflect, and it is up to you to interpret the content.